CIMA's CGMA Strategic Level

The final module in CIMA's CGMA Professional qualification, the Strategic Level focuses on long-term strategic decision making. Upon completion, you will become a CIMA Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).


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Course Overview

Complete CIMA's CGMA Strategic Level module to begin your career as a chartered management accountant. The final step in CIMA's CGMA Professional qualification, the Strategic level will enable you to support organisational leaders to craft strategy, evaluating and managing risks that might prevent organisations from successfully implementing strategy.

Course Structure

Master strategic decision-making with the final level of the CGMA accreditation. Become a trusted advisor on strategy, risk, and valuations for organisational leaders. The Strategic level consists of three computer-based Objective Tests and one case study.

  • E3 Strategic Management
    E3 will inform you of the foundation of strategic management and deliver an understanding of the dynamics of the organisational ecosystem. It will show how strategy is implemented, how objectives are achieved, and how change is managed.

    P3 Risk Management
    You will discover how to identify, evaluate and manage enterprise risks in P3. You will also discover where strategic risks emanate from, how to evaluate them and understand how oversight of these risks is critical to the governance of the organisation.

    F2 Financial Strategy
    In F3, you will learn the different strategic financial objectives and policy options that are open to organisations. You will become aware of the sources of financial risk and how to evaluate and manage these appropriately, as well as techniques in business valuation to assess whether a company has created and preserved value within the organisation.

    Strategic Level Case Study

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Frequently asked questions.

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  • Strategic level is the third and final level of the CGMA Professional Qualification and consists of three subject areas, and the Strategic level case study exam. It focuses on long-term strategic decision making.

  • The CIMA qualification is considered a world-leader in accounting credentials and as such the content is challenging. However, providing you have the right experience and dedicate time to your studies, you will be able to pass with flying colours.

  • On average, students take one year to complete this level.

  • CIMA’s suggested order of study is to begin with the Enterprise pillar subject (E3, in this scenario), then move to the Performance then the Financial pillar. The syllabus has been designed as such so that each pillar will provide context for the next.

  • Due to intellectual property laws, it’s not possible to download the majority of course materials. You’ll need an active internet connection to authenticate your account and access your learning content. However, some course videos are available to download and watch later.

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