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SQE1 Exam Preparation

Solicitors Qualifying Examination

This SQE1 Exam Preparation course provides you with all the knowledge and materials you need to self-study and prepare for the SQE1 centralised assessments.
  • 14-day FREE trial and then a one off payment of £2,500

Unlimited course access for

18 months

Access to

All the materials you need to cover the SQE 1 syllabus

Average time to complete

4-12 months

Full flexibility to study for the SQE1 exams – the way you want to

StaySharp’s SQE1 Exam Preparation offers a flexible way to self-study for the SQE1 assessments. You’ll get all the course materials and workbooks you need for all the law and legal practice subjects covered on the SQE1 centralised assessments, with access for 18-months. After each topic, you will undertake multiple-choice practice questions (MCQ’s) to consolidate your knowledge, along with a Progress Test with exam standard questions. You also get a full mock exam to help you practice for the real assessments. With full flexibility, you can study at the pace which suits you best and prepare for the SQE1 exam date of your choice.

Who is the SQE1 Exam Preparation course for?

  • Dedicated individuals who want full flexibility and freedom to choose exactly how and when they study for the SQE1 exam, at a pace that suits them
  • Those with a legal practice background who are happy to prepare for SQE1 using online materials only
  • Individuals who might be resitting SQE1 and need access to new, high-quality materials and workbooks

What is the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE)?

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is gradually being implemented as the unified method for qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales. Made up of two parts, SQE1 and SQE2, students must pass both sets of assessments, plus complete two years of qualifying work experience (QWE), before they are able to qualify as a solicitor. 

SQE1 Exam Preparation entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements to study SQE1 Exam Preparation. However, in order to qualify via the SQE route as a solicitor, the SRA require you to have a degree (or equivalent) in any subject. For full details of all the requirements to become a solicitor, please visit the SRA’s website.

SQE1 Assessment Specification

SQE1 Exam Preparation prepares you for the SRA’s SQE1 examinations. The cost of the SQE1 assessment is not included in your fee, and it is your responsibility to book and pay for the assessments directly with the SRA’s authorised assessment provider, Kaplan SQE Ltd. For more information on the SQE assessments, visit the SRA website.

SQE1 Course Syllabus

SQE1 Exam Preparation focuses on the 14 areas of law and practice areas that are collectively known as Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK). FLK is assessed in SQE1 which comprises two papers: FLK1 and FLK2. FLK also forms part of the SQE2 assessments.

  • Tort Law (FLK1)
  • Contract Law (FLK1)
  • Public Law (FLK1)
  • Legal Services (FLK1)
  • Business Law and Practice (FLK1)
  • Dispute Resolution (FLK1)
  • Professional Conduct (FLK1&2)

  • Land Law (FLK2)
  • Trusts Law (FLK2)
  • Criminal Law (FLK2)
  • Property Practice (FLK2)
  • Wills and the Administration of Estates (FLK2)
  • Criminal Practice (FLK2)
  • Professional Conduct (FLK1&2)
  • Solicitors Accounts (FLK2)
  • The rules of taxation will also be covered in their relevant context.

What does SQE1 Exam Preparation include?

100% syllabus coverage

Pre-recorded course content and SQE practice questions are available online 24/7, from anywhere in the world

Materials created by SQE experts

Dedicated online resources and high-quality assessment-focussed materials created by BPP’s SQE experts, available for 18-months

Test your knowledge with progress tests

Consolidate your learning by undertaking multiple MCQs – written in the same style as the SQE1 exams

Dedicated SQE forums

Opportunities to clarify understanding and ask questions to our expert SQE tutors in a dedicated online forum

All the SQE sample questions you need

Hundreds of exam style SQE1 questions, the ideal way to practice and prepare for the exams.

SQE1 Exam Preparation cost

  • Prepaid


    one-off payment

    18-months access

    Pay upfront and get immediate access to all your learning materials.

    Sign up now to access your 14-day free trial of our SQE1 Exam Preparation course. You can cancel at any point before the end of the 14 days without being charged.

    Once the free trial period is over, a one-off payment of £2,500 will be taken from your confirmed payment details and you will have access to your learning materials for 18 months

Frequently asked questions

  • A student studying full-time student, studying 40 hours per week, should allow at least 4 months from the start of their SQE1 preparation to the date of their first SQE1 assessment. Students studying part time for 20 hours per week should allow at least 9 months from the start of their SQE1 preparation to the date of their first SQE1 assessment.

    StaySharp gives you 18-months access to the whole course content so you can study flexibly in the time frames that suit you.

  • You must apply to the regulator, the SRA, if you wish to be granted an exemption from either SQE1 or SQE2. However, there are very few situations where exemptions will be granted. And there are no partial exemptions,

    The main exemptions are:

    If you have passed the Legal Practice Course (LPC), you will be exempt from SQE1; and

    If you are qualified lawyer overseas looking to dual-qualify in England & Wales via the SQE, you need to check the SRA’s website (setails below) to see whether the qualification you hold in your home jurisdiction provides you with any exemptions. If it does, it is most likely that you would be exempt from SQE2, but you would still need to pass SQE1. You may also be exempt from qualifying work experience, depending on the extent of on the job training you have received in your home jurisdiction.

    For details on exemptions, whether you qualify, as well as how to apply for these, please check the SRA website.

  • There is no fee to register with the SRA as a student. However, you should be aware that as well as the fees for our course materials, there are separate assessment fees payable to the SRA’s assessment provider, Kaplan, each time you register to sit SQE1, and later when you register to sit SQE2. Resit fees are the same again, unless you have passed one of the two SQE1 papers, in which case the resit fee is half the overall SQE1 assessment fee.

    For details on SQE assessment fees see the SRA website.

  • A training contract is traditionally associated with he SQE's predecessor, the LPC. Students qualifying via the SQE need to complete two years’ qualifying work experience (QWE), but this can be completed at between one and four employers, and, generally, is subject to less regulation than a training contract was. However, employers and the profession still commonly refer to two years’ QWE at a single employer as a ‘training contract’.

  • The SQE1 consists of 360 multiple-choice questions set in two papers of 180 questions each, ‘FLK1’ and ‘FLK2’ which test your functioning legal knowledge. For FLK1, you sit 90 questions in the morning, have an hour’s break and then sit 90 questions in the afternoon. You do the same a week later for FLK2. Candidates must apply their knowledge of the law and legal practice across multiple topics on each paper.

  • The pass mark for each sitting of the SQE will be set by the Assessment Board in accordance with the SQE Marking and Standard Setting Policy.

    There is not one fixed pass mark for the assessment and there are no quotas for the allocation of grades. The pass mark for both SQE1 and SQE2 can vary to make sure that the passing standard of the assessment remains consistently at the correct level from one sitting to the next. The pass mark will be published after each Assessment Board and will also be included with the candidate's results.

  • Our live chat is available during business hours and will be able to help with most questions.

    Use the forums to post any technical/subject related queries. You should expect a response from an expert law tutors within 2 working days

  • SQE is the Solicitors Qualifying Exam

  • Due to the need to protect intellectual property, it is not possible to download the majority of course materials. An active internet connection is required to authenticate your account and access your learning content. Some video materials are available to download for later viewing.

SQE1 Exam Preparation

  • Level
    SQE 1
  • Duration
    4-12 months
  • Assessment
    2 modules
Subscription includes
  • 100% Syllabus coverage
  • BPP learning resources
  • BPP's Achievement Ladder
  • Study in your own time

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Fantastic service at a brilliant price point. Great user-friendly service and designed really intuitively. BPP's material design, study plan and live lectures are easy to learn with and let you go at your own pace - they even have recommended time to spend on each 'step' as you go which makes planning in the run up to exams easy.

Luke Anderson

Flexible way of learning, you get to access all the resources at the same time.


Very well structured and easy to understand, the tutor makes the study enjoyable, I recommend 100%

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It is truly value for money. It has everything in there that you need pass your exams successfully. Supported by the ladder that you walk through until you reach your objectives.

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