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AAT Accountancy Courses Online

Association of Accounting Technicians

Trusted and respected by employers worldwide, a qualification from the world’s leading professional body for accounting technicians will prepare you for a successful accounting and finance career. Studying AAT Accountancy courses with StaySharp offers you the flexibility needed to work towards AAT accreditation at your own pace.
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AAT accountancy and bookkeeping courses

AAT qualifications are globally recognised and ideal for anyone looking to pursue a career in accounting, regardless of prior experience or existing qualifications. All levels of AAT courses have been designed to offer learners all the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in a wide range of entry-level accounting roles.

Who is the AAT subscription for?

  • Anyone that’s working in an entry-level role, looking to progress up the ladder, or simply considering a career change.
  • Ambitious, open-minded learners that want the freedom and flexibility that comes with studying online.

As one of the UK’s leading AAT providers, StaySharp’s AAT subscription is ideal for those looking for entry-level roles or considering a career change.

AAT Course Structure

The full AAT syllabus consists of three separate courses, with the entirety of the AAT accountancy courses covered by the StaySharp AAT course. This includes all modules, across each level. The AAT modules are as follows:

Covering all the basics of accounting. You will study 4 compulsory units.

  • Business Environment Synoptic Assessment
  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Principles of Bookkeeping Controls
  • Principles of Costing

In this unit, you’ll master more complex accounting techniques. You will study 4 compulsory units.

  • Business Awareness
  • Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements
  • Management Accounting Techniques
  • Tax Processes for Businesses

Designed to prepare you for more senior finance positions. You will study 3 compulsory units and choose 2 optional units.

  • Applied Management Accounting (compulsory unit)
  • Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements (compulsory unit)
  • Internal Accounting Systems and Controls (compulsory unit)
  • Business Tax (optional unit)
  • Cash and Treasury (optional unit)
  • Management (optional unit)
  • Credit Management (optional unit)
  • External Auditing (optional unit)
  • Personal Tax (optional unit)

What does the AAT subscription include?

100% syllabus coverage

Gain access all AAT modules as part of your subscription - providing all the learning content you need to pass your exams.

BPP learning resources

Approved BPP learning resources, videos, study notes and reading materials.

BPP's Achievement Ladder

Access to BPP’s Achievement Ladder to progress you to exam success.

No financial tie-ins

Our flexible monthly subscription allows you to stop and restart your course at any time. No credit checks or contract.

No upfront costs or contracts - just a simple monthly subscription

Our subscription-led pricing means you can study at a pace that suits you. Sign up, get started, and hit pause whenever you need to.

  • Prepaid plan


    one-off payment

    12-months access

    Pay up front and access all your learning materials for 12 months.

    A one-off payment of £450 will be taken from your confirmed payment details and you will have access to your learning materials for 12 months.

    Please note that you will need to select the monthly subscription if you want to access the free 14-day trial.

  • Monthly subscription


    billed monthly

    Free 14-day trial

    Subscribe now to access your 14-day free trial. You can cancel at any point before the end of the 14 days without being charged.

    Once the trial period is over, a recurring monthly payment of £50 will be taken from your confirmed payment details every 30 days until you cancel your subscription.

Frequently asked questions

  • The AAT qualification is the ideal beginner’s pathway into an accountancy career. Those who have completed the full AAT course are equipped with the expertise and skills needed to succeed in a range of entry-level accountancy roles. StaySharp are a recognised AAT training provider, allowing learners to study for this prestigious qualification from anywhere, at their own pace.

  • All AAT courses and modules are covered by the StaySharp AAT subscription. This can be billed at £50 monthly, £130 Quarterly or with a one-off payment of £450, with this AAT cost offering 12 months’ access to the platform.

  • You can choose between our monthly subscription, quarterly subscription or the one-off payment option which gives you access to the same content for a period of 12 months.

    If your employer is funding your course, you can download an invoice from your account.

  • StaySharp are proud to be a leading provider of AAT distance learning, allowing learners to work towards their AAT accreditation at their own pace. All course materials are made available online, so you can work on your own schedule from wherever you like. Our focus on flexibility is what makes StaySharp one of the leading AAT providers.

  • The AAT subscription is suited to beginners with no prior accountancy experience or qualifications.

  • As a leading AAT training provider, StaySharp are pleased to offer AAT bookkeeping courses.

  • AAT’s Professional Diploma in Accounting is a managerial accounting course. It features budgeting, financial performance reporting, external auditing, and cash and treasury management. 

  • Seeking AAT accreditation through an AAT accounting qualification opens up the opportunity for learners to begin a career in accounting, working professionally in a range of entry level accountancy roles.

  • The full AAT qualification after studying all AAT levels (2, 3 and 4) is equivalent to a relevant first-year university degree or higher diploma.

  • Roles suited to those who have gained an AAT accounting qualification include assistant accountant, junior accountant, VAT bookkeeper, junior auditor and more. You can use your AAT qualification to climb the accountancy career ladder from an entry-level role to high-level accountancy jobs.

  • All individual AAT levels take an average of around 6-18 months to complete, though this varies depending on how many hours each learner is able to dedicate to their studies. StaySharp’s accounting and bookkeeping courses are designed to be studied at the learner’s own pace, meaning there is no standard completion time.

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What students say about StaySharp

Fantastic service at a brilliant price point. Great user-friendly service and designed really intuitively. BPP's material design, study plan and live lectures are easy to learn with and let you go at your own pace - they even have recommended time to spend on each 'step' as you go which makes planning in the run up to exams easy.

Luke Anderson

Flexible way of learning, you get to access all the resources at the same time.


Very well structured and easy to understand, the tutor makes the study enjoyable, I recommend 100%

Shweta Bhatia

It is truly value for money. It has everything in there that you need pass your exams successfully. Supported by the ladder that you walk through until you reach your objectives.

Nasreddine Dilmi