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Accountancy and Tax Courses

Browse our collection of online courses from ACCA, CIMA and AAT.

ACCA Subscription

ACCA Subscription

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

The ACCA Qualification is designed for those who already have some experience in finance and are looking to progress to more senior roles or become a Chartered Certified Accountant.
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AAT Subscription

AAT Subscription

Association of Accounting Technicians

AAT’s qualifications are one of the simplest ways to study accountancy online. Perfect for those with no previous experience, these courses ensure you have a solid understanding of the main principles of accountancy.
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CIMA Subscription

CIMA Subscription

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

The CIMA Qualification is among the world’s most recognised finance qualifications. It sets the standard for management accountancy training and, once completed, you’ll be awarded with Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) status.
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What students say about StaySharp

Fantastic service at a brilliant price point. Great user-friendly service and designed really intuitively. BPP's material design, study plan and live lectures are easy to learn with and let you go at your own pace - they even have recommended time to spend on each 'step' as you go which makes planning in the run up to exams easy. I have also studied with Kaplan online and would say BPP/StaySharp is superior, there is a lecture for every topic so you are not left in the dark with explanation. Couldn't recommend enough, especially at the price point too - rather than paying a lump sum to a study provider, you can almost 'spread the cost' month to month.

Luke Anderson

Brilliant content… A simple Google search brought me to Stay Sharp and I am glad it did. £60 a month for full course content, all study tx, revision packs and assessments along the way is more than worth it. The structure is great, broken down into smaller chunks with thorough explanations, rather than it being rushed and squeezed into a set time frame. I've been studying with another provider which cost a hell of a lot more and found myself having to teach myself more than I actually learned in the lesson. The BPP info is so much better. Love the ladder progress, meaning each step has to be passed before moving onto the next. Only issue I had was the assessment results not showing a couple of times. The online chat team were amazing and sorted this issue. Highly recommend.

So far I'm impressed with what I have seen. I can dip into the study material across all AAT modules which is exactly what I need. I am aiming for level 4 but sometimes I need to get back to basic stuff to refresh my memory. Other providers want you to follow their set menu. A la carte is best.

E Wright

Very well structured and easy to understand, the tutor makes the study enjoyable, I recommend 100%

Shweta Bhatia

Just what I was looking for....can't go wrong with this one.... I am certain. I am so happy and excited to have subscribed to StaySharp....There are many learning providers who operate on a subscription basis in the market....but what stands out most with Stay Sharp is the high quality content, easy to follow and exam focused study sessions with achievement ladders to help and revise your progress through your journey towards each paper and access to the entire gamut of 14 ACCA papers at a competitive and reasonable monthly cost from one of the most reputable learning providers - BPP.