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We want to ensure that all StaySharp students have the best chance at success in their chosen profession, even after they’ve completed their course with us. Below are a selection of Human Resources CV examples and cover letter advice for those looking to take their first steps into a new career.


We want to ensure that all StaySharp students have the best chance at success in their chosen profession, even after they’ve completed their course with us. Below are a selection of Human Resources CV examples and cover letter advice for those looking to take their first steps into a new career.

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Human Resources CV example

Below are Human Resources CV examples demonstrating the ideal CV structure that can be used by those looking to work in a range of HR roles, including HR Manager CV examples UK companies will recognise as being up to industry standard.

Personal details

At the top of your Human Resources CV, you should fill in relevant personal information and contact details.


Full name
Home address
Contact number
Email address

Personal statement

The personal statement section of your CV is used to introduce yourself and briefly summarise the rest of your CV. This is your chance to set a good first impression and is a very important part of your Human Resources CV to get right – after all, employers with hundreds of CVs to check through may be using the personal statement section to decide whether or not to continue reading.

With that in mind, keep this section succinct. Offer a brief introduction to who you are, your Human Resources qualifications, your career ambitions and the skills you are able to offer.

Example personal statement for entry-level HR role:

I am a driven and ambitious individual looking to take the next step in my career in Human Resources. I recently gained my [highest relevant qualification – CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5, etc.] qualification and, during my training, have developed a wealth of knowledge in this field. Before beginning my career in Human Resources, I worked in [most relevant previous experience], where I gained valuable skills in [list relevant skills you can bring to a HR role].

I am passionate about building a career in Human Resources, helping organisations to create a thriving and successful working environment.

Example personal statement for senior HR role (HR manager, HR director):

I am a highly motivated and experienced Human Resources professional seeking a [HR management/HR director] role where I can apply my expertise and leadership skills to drive organisational success. With [months/years of HR experience you have] experience in HR, I have developed a strong track record of leading HR functions, implementing talent management strategies and developing high-performing teams.

I am confident that my experience, skills, and leadership abilities make me an ideal candidate for a [HR management/HR director] role and I am eager to bring my expertise to an organisation that encourages excellence and innovation within their Human Resources department.

Previous experience

The career history or previous experience section of your Human Resources CV should be kept fairly brief, focusing only on the last five years of your career or last three job roles. This should be laid out with your most recent job role at the top of the list. You should provide each position’s title, the company you worked for, its location and the time period of your employment.

Make sure you keep descriptions succinct, utilising bullet points for easier reading when listing the responsibilities that came with each job role.


[Job title], [Company]
[Location] – [Employment period - e.g: July 2021 – March 2023]

Here I was responsible for a range of HR practices, including:

  • Implementing learning and development training – [Give example]
  • Managing annual leave requests
  • Recruitment of new team members – [Give details of your role in recruitment process]…

Try to keep bullet points for each job role to a maximum of 10.


In this section, you should provide details of academic and vocational qualifications, including GCSEs and A-Levels. You should organise them is reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent Human Resources qualification. Don’t list every single GCSE you received – this takes up valuable space and is generally not considered all that relevant.

Human Resources qualifications:

[Training provider – e.g: StaySharp] - [Course studied – e.g: CIPD 5 Associate Diploma in People Management]


[University name] - [Degree achieved]

A-Levels & equivalent:

All studied and achieved at [school/college], [location].

[Subject] – [Grade]
[Subject] – [Grade]
[Subject] – [Grade]

GCSEs & equivalent:

I achieved [Number] GCSEs, grades ranging [lowest to highest grade], including Maths and English.

Career achievements and awards

Use this section to briefly outline any particular awards you have received or achievements you have met that may strengthen your application, along with the dates of these awards and achievements. Awards and achievements worth featuring on your CV include charity projects that you have lead for an employer, any awards for excellent long-term work (employee of the year, etc.) and awards given to teams that were lead by you.

Lay these out in bullet points.


Even if you have references in place, you aren’t expected to include these on your CV. Instead, state that your ‘References are available on request’, should your prospective employer need more information about you.

Human Resources cover letter example

You aren’t always expected to attach a cover letter to your job applications but including one can certainly help to strengthen your application, especially in a communication-driven role such as those in Human Resources. However, you may be looking for some cover letter advice to guide you in the right direction.

Your cover letter should act as an introduction to you and to your reason for applying for the job in question. It’s almost an extended version of the personal statement section of your CV and allows prospective employers greater insight into you and your enthusiasm for the job vacancy.


I am writing to express my interest in the [job title] position at [company name]. With a [relevant qualification – CIPD Level 3, CIPD Level 5, etc.] and [months/years in relevant HR roles] experience, I am confident that I possess the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this role.

During my time as [relevant previous job role], I assisted with a variety of Human Resources processes, including [main responsibilities at this role]. I gained experience using Human Resources software such as [list software you have used] and developed strong skills in [list relevant skills – communication skills, organisational skills, etc.] through working within the Human Resources department.

I am confident that I could make an immediate and positive impact on your organisation if given the opportunity and I am excited about the possibility of working within your team to support your Human Resources goals and company values.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further with you.

[Your Name]

If you’re looking to take the first steps towards a career in Human Resources, take a look at the Human Resources courses we offer.

If you have completed your chosen HR courses but are unsure where to go from here, explore the many Human Resources professions open to those with CIPD qualifications.

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