AAT Q2022 syllabus details
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AAT Q2022 syllabus details

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Looking at studying AAT? We’ve got details on changes from AQ2016 and what you’ll cover if you’re going to study the AAT Q2022 syllabus.  

A quick look on what you’ll cover is broken down by each AAT level below.

Level 2 Certificate in Accounting:

Introduction to Bookkeeping (ITBK) and Principles of Bookkeeping Controls (POBC):

  • No major changes from existing syllabus
  • Re-written to increase relevance and variety in exams
  • Offers better preparation for workplace and financial accounting unit in L3

Principles of Costing (PCTN)

  • Changes from AQ2016 cover the introduction of budgeting, fixed budget and associated variances
  • Addition of a new learning outcome to support students with formatting and mathematical formulae for cost calculations

The Business Environment (BESY)

  • New unit and the only L2 synoptic assessment
  • Introduces business environments and ethics
  • Introduces bookkeeping and principles of bookkeeping controls

 Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

Financial Accounting: Preparing Financial Statements (FAPS)

  • Sole financial accounting unit replacing Advanced Bookkeeping and Final Accounts Preparation from previous syllabus
  • Content for funding of investments in non-current assets move to Management Accounting Techniques
  • Units of production method of depreciation and changes in partnerships not included in this unit
  • Introduces new learning outcome on calculating and interpreting profitability ratios

Management Accounting Techniques (MATS)

  • Removed LIFO method content and process costing
  • Also removed just-in-time, long-term investment appraisal or limiting factor decision making
  • Now features high-low calculation for variable(semi) costs
  • Additional focus on standard costing and budgeting
  • Removed financing investments from financial accounting on AQ2016 syllabus
  • Introduces learning outcome on cash management and liquidity ratios
  • Testing of additional spreadsheet skills

Tax Processes for Businesses (TPFB)

  • Content on VAT to remain from Indirect Tax - Making Tax Digital specifically referenced
  • Additional focus on scheme impacts for small businesses
  • Introduces knowledge-based learning outcome on payroll
  • Q2022 assessments in 2022 will be based on FA21

Business Awareness (BUAW)

  • Brand new unit for L3
  • Continued focus on content from AQ2016 Ethics for Accountants content
  • Streamlined focus on money laundering will also feature
  • Includes law content in AQ2016 Final Accounts Preparation

Level 4 Diploma in Professional Accounting

Applied Management Accounting (AMAC)

  • Merges the MABU and MDCL units from previous syllabus
  • Introduction of calculations for linear programming and investment appraisal from the L3 MMAC unit
  • Streamlined and selected focus on data analysis and cognitive computing
  • Removes backward variance calculations content

 Drafting and Interpreting Financial Statements (DAIF)

  • Content remains similar to FSLC under the previous syllabus

Internal Accounting Systems and Controls (INAC)

  • Features the addition of big data and the effect of tech on modern accounting systems

Optional Units:

Business Tax (BNTA)

  • Removal of IR35 and R&D
  • Streamlined to avoid duplication with Personal Tax content
  • Introduces tax implications of business disposal
  • Q22 assessments for 2022 to be based on FA21

Personal Tax (PNTA)

  • No major changes
  • Will focus on requirement to understand dynamics of IHT
  • Requirements for IHT calculations have been withdrawn
  • Introduction of new reliefs for CGT
  • Q22 assessments for 2022 to be based on FA21

Audit and Assurance (AUDT)

  • Also includes additional material on corporate governance and role of the audit committee

Credit and Debt Management (CRDM)

  • Details to remain the same from previous syllabus

 Cash and Financial Management (CSFT)

  • Reduced emphasis on treasury management
  • Increased detail on managing finance and liquidity


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