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ACCA March Sitting Results Day - 18 April

March 2022 exam results will be released on Monday 18 April. You should use this day to reflect on your performance and use this as a springboard to move forward with your ACCA studies.  

  • Did you do well, better or worse than you expected?
  • What can you learn from your performance in the March 2022 sitting?
  • Are there things that went well which you can plan to incorporate into your next exams, and is there anything that caused distraction or you know you could improve upon?

7 Week Plan

From results day, you have 7 weeks to prepare for the June 2022 exam sitting.  Be aware of the exam entry deadlines for June 2022 because they come around quickly.  Standard exam entry closes on 2nd May 2022 and late exam entry closes 9th May 2022.  Key exam entry dates can be found here

We strongly recommend that if you need to do a resit that you aim to do this in the June 2022 exam sitting.  Research shows that students who resit in the next exam sitting are more likely to pass than those who miss a sitting or more. 

If you were successful in the March 2022 sitting it isn’t too late to start a new paper to June 2022.

Syllabus Changes

ACCA change their syllabus for papers annually.  All papers change with effect from the September sitting of each year with the exception of TX-UK and ATX-UK which change from the June sitting of each year.

TX-UK and ATX-UK are examinable using the new FA21 rather than the FA20 content and this will be examined for the June 22, Sept 22, Dec 22 and March 23 exam sittings. The new FA21 course material is available on StaySharp.

Next Steps

  • Carry out an honest reflection on your performance in the March 2022 sitting.
  • Commit to any resit (if required) for the June 2022 sitting.
  • Register with ACCA for June 2022 exam entries before 2 May 2022.

Preparing for your next exam

Use the wealth of resources provided as part of your StaySharp subscription:

  1. Start by watching the ‘Making the most of your StaySharp resources’ video which will walk you through the education model and how to make the most of the wealth of resources you have at your disposal
  2. For those students who like the structure and framework of a Study planner, use our Study planner to navigate the syllabus and resources
  3. Make the most of the resources you have available to you on StaySharp. For example, ensure you work through all the Steps on your Course. Our data shows us that students who engage with the Steps are up to 20% more likely to pass than those who don’t, so they’re critical to exam success
    1. The Steps build in complexity and scope to exam standard assessments, which mirror look and feel of exam.
    2. The steps can and will likely feel tricky and you may not always score high marks, don’t be disheartened by this. Use them to identify areas/topics to focus on and use the resources to review these topics and practice more questions
    3. Don’t forget you can reattempt the Steps as many times as you like so you should reattempt Steps and you will hopefully see how you are improving

Other resources you may find useful

  • Revisit the ACCA resources on the ACCA website for your specific paper.
  • Read examiner technical articles, examiner reports.
  • Schedule to practice the specimen exam and past exams in the CBE Practice Software found here (log on with your MyACCA credentials)


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